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Anderson Scholar House

The mission of Scholar House is to end the cycle of poverty and transform our community by empowering families and youth to succeed in education and achieve life-long self-sufficiency. Each year, we serve disadvantaged residential and nonresidential single moms and their children with a comprehensive, holistic continuum of care that meets them where they are and empowers them toward their educational, career and family goals. 

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How it Works

Anderson Scholar House opened in January 2022, as an affiliate of Family Scholar House in Louisville, Kentucky. Family Scholar House was born from Project Women, an organization originally established in 1995 by representatives of six orders of nuns. What began with only four families is now a recognized national best practice headquartered in Louisville, KY, serving more than 30,000 people annually and focused on education as a primary path for ending the cycle of inherited poverty.

Anderson Scholar House provides stable housing, coordinated childcare, help with school admissions and financial aid applications, and provides a life coach and an academic coach throughout the entirety of the program. Programs and services are delivered through a two-generation model responsive to the needs of families and are provided for all ages. Our outcomes speak for themselves. Participants have an 88% completion rate. Three months after leaving the program, 70% of participants no longer require any government assistance. This is especially impactful considering all our families had experienced poverty, unstable housing and, most often, domestic violence. 


Any single mother who has their high school diploma or GED, who is interested in completing a post-secondary education program, and who is in need of housing. 

Would You Like to Learn More?

You can contact Anderson Scholar House and speak directly to Rosemary Baker about joining the program.


Phone: 765-646-9276 ext. 5505


Ready to Apply Now?

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