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Families With Children in Crisis

Hard things happen to all of us. Getting through it becomes doubly difficult when children are depending on you. Usually, all a guardian needs during a rough patch is positive support, and a small financial boost to get their household back on the upswing.

What Does This Look Like?


Funds to get their children moving again.


A deposit for a utility or a rental agreement.


Food until the next paycheck arrives.


Internet for their child's schoolwork.


This small, short-term assistance can be a make or break for a family facing the loss of a job, homelessness, and hunger. For the children in the home, this help has an even bigger impact. If we can help their guardian not only stabilize their household, but improve upon their situation, our efforts have a positive impact on that child exponentially.

Students living in unstable conditions face challenges that have categorically been linked to poor performance in school. Vulnerable students will fall behind their peers academically, and suffer more at home, which will have a monumentally negative impact on their ability to thrive moving forward.

  • 30% of children raised in poverty do not finish high school.

  • People who do not earn a high school diploma by age 20 are 7 times more likely to be persistently poor between ages 25 and 30.

  • Children who grow up impoverished complete fewer years of schooling and earn much lower incomes than people who did not grow up poor.

  • Children who grow up poor in the U.S. are more likely to be in poor health.

  • Dropouts are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested than high school graduates.

  • Nationally, 68% of all males in prison do not have a high school diploma.

You can be part of this investment towards a family's future. Every dollar directly benefits a family in their time of need, and allows us to continue to help them make steps forward, empowering them to rise up and bring their children along with them. 

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