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The negative impact COVID has had on our K-12 students is deep and far-reaching. Learning loss recovery is the top priority of every school in the U.S. and today more than ever, community partners are stepping up to provide additional resources and assistance to our educators. STAR is a learning loss recovery program that uses individual tutoring in Math and Reading to achieve huge growth in a short amount of time.

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About The Program

In May of 2021, JobSource was awarded a grant by the Indiana Department of Education to address learning loss due to COVID in county K-12 schools. In partnership with our local school districts, STAR was created to not only stop learning loss, but reverse it to bring students up to their respective grade level. Our program is provided at no cost to the schools, or to the families.

STAR uses one on one tutoring to maximize a student’s potential and learning style. Tutoring is provided for both Math and English Language Arts, and homework help is given at the end of each session. STAR works on-site, after school with 4 school districts in Madison and Grant County.

Interested in learning more about STAR?

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